What Will You See on Skellig Michael?
What Will You See on Skellig Michael?

Skellig Michael is one of the must-see places whenever you visit Ireland for the first time. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s eight miles away from Ireland. It used to be inhabited by monks in the 6th Century, but it is unoccupied today.


The only way to get to Skellig Michael is by boat. You need to endure the rough seas in order to experience the beautiful views that the island has to offer. It is important to check the weather when planning a trip to the island. It is common for trips to be canceled due to bad weather.


What to Expect from Skellig Michael


The islands were featured in the last two Star Wars movies. The rocks of Skellig Michael looked good on the big screen and that’s why the islands became more popular in recent years.


However, before you get those wonderful pictures on Skellig Michael, you should first climb up 618 steps. The stone steps took several centuries to build and lead all the way to the top. It shows the skilled craftsmanship of the monks who used to live on the island.


Once you have reached the top, you will find the ancient monastery with beehive huts. You will wonder why the mysterious monks lived on the island and how they survived the harsh weather. The monks lived off seabirds, sea lions, and rainwater.


While in Skellig Michael, you will also see many puffins. Thousands of puffins call the island home. You can find the seabirds on the island during summers, where they breed and feed their chicks. They start to arrive on the island in April, along with other seabirds that include fulmars and shearwaters. The puffins leave the island in August and Skellig Michael will be a quiet place until they return after eight months.