What is “The Travel Agent Next Door”?
What is “The Travel Agent Next Door”?

The Travel Agent Next Door is a travel agency network located in Canada and is focused on providing support for the retail travel industry, and to support small size agencies and those who would like to start their own home business. The company offers the program to prepare a person to become a travel agent.

The agency is a 100% Canadian owned and operated agency that focuses on Canada and its destinations.  The site seeks to find home-based travel agents to help with everything related to a travel agency.  They not only provide a job but they also include all how-to’s including how to become a travel agent. 

This company is geared towards those who already are travel agents and those who want to become travel agents but do not know how to get started.  This is what they call the New Agent Program, which offers training to those interested in working as travel agents. 

Travel Agent Next Door make an agreement with Ensemble Travel Group, which gave the company a broad range of programs and some other unique features.  The company's head office is in Toronto and a branch office in Vancouver.  

Founded 24 years ago by Flemming Friisdahl,  The Travel Agent Next Door offers their experience throughout the years and puts it together through webinars, courses, newsletters, and more. 

Through their affiliation with international agency consortium, TRAVELSAVERS and The Affluent Traveler Collection they also offer their agencies and agents some unique features such as various marketing programs, cruise booking engine along with a cruise program, and a lot more. 

When you first sign up to become a travel agent with The Travel Agency Next Door, you are offered an introductory webinar, which helps you to get started with the travel agency.  The company aims to provide you with the toolbox you need to become an agent from home and earn good profit.