Marieta Island’s Hidden Beach
Marieta Island’s Hidden Beach

Located a few miles off the coast of the Mexican state of Nayarit and located 7.9 kilometers southwest from the Peninsula Punta de Mita, lies Marieta Island. Within it, there is a unique formation known as "Playa del Amor" or the "Hidden Beach".

The islands are a popular tourist destination due to the diversity of marine life populations, which are heavily protected by the government.

The "love beach" or "hidden beach" has always been regarded as a place for romance - a hidden place not made by any volcanic activity or sedimentation. This one was probably done by man. 

Rumor has it that the hole that gave origin to the Hidden Beach is a result of constant bombings.  During the early 1900s, the military used the uninhabited Marieta Island as a bomb-testing site. This provided a safe place away from Mexican citizens but it was not that safe for the islands' topography.  These test bombings are known to have produced some caverns in the island, including Hidden Beach.

Closure to the world

In May 2016, the Mexican government through the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas decided to close the entrance to the beach to tourists. Officials noticed that the coral reefs were being destroyed as a result of the combination of global warming, boat oil in the water due to excessive trips to the area, and the dropping of 250 anchors every day.  

Reopens to the public

The government realized that this treasure could not be hidden from the world but they still aspire to protect it.  Visits by the public are allowed again but with several regulations. Only 120 visitors are allowed to visit Hidden Beach per day.