What You Should Know Before Traveling to North Korea
What You Should Know Before Traveling to North Korea

Some governments advise their citizens not to travel to North Korea, due to safety concern because of a nuclear weapon program. Also, there are no diplomatic offices for American and Canadian citizens.
North Korea is officially known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). It has borders with Russia, China and South Korea. North Korea has the population of 24.895.000 people. The size is 120.540km². The country code is 850. North Korea has a very interesting culture and architecture, so, many people visit this country each year.
It is challenging to visit North Korea. If you want to explore the country, you must have a North Korean escort. Citizens of some countries have difficulties traveling to North Korea. For example, citizens of South Korea cannot visit North Korea. Citizens of Japan, Israel and the United States have difficulties as well. Citizens of the United States cannot participate in homestay-programs and they are not allowed to travel by train. The best way to visit North Korea is by organized tours.
Air Koryo is the sole airline. However, their planes are usually made between 1965 and 1990 in the Soviet Union. But, you can use Air China. You can use train K27/K28 to travel between Pyongyang and Beijing.
The official language is Korean. It is hard to learn and hard to speak. But, your guide may understand a lot of the English language. Some guides even talk Russian, German or French.
The official currency is the North Korean won. However, you can use the Euro, US dollar and Chinese Yuan. Many shops want foreign currency.