What You Should Know Before Traveling to Macau
What You Should Know Before Traveling to Macau

Macau is the SAR (Special Administrative Region) of China. This means that in order to travel to Macau, you will need different requirements than for traveling to China. You should know that the size of Macau is just 28.2km², but it has 545.674 citizens. The country code is +853.
For many years, people traveled to Hong Kong and then used a ferry to go to Macau. However, the situation is different now. Macau has the separate immigration regime than China. Holders of the permanent identity card of Hong Kong, can stay up to one year in Macau. Holders of non-permanent identity card can stay up to 30 days. Citizens of all foreign countries can stay in Macau 30 days before their passport expires. Citizens of the United Kingdom can stay in Macau up to 180 days. Citizens from countries that are a member of the European Union can stay up to 90 days. Citizens from some countries, including the United States and Australia can stay up to 30 days.
You can travel to Macau by plane. In this case you will land at the Macau International Airport. However, the most used way is traveling by a ferry. You can also travel by a car and bus. People older than 18 years can drive a car in Macau.
The official languages are Portuguese and Cantonese. 88% of the population speaks Cantonese. English language is widely spoken in restaurants and hotels.
The official currency is the Pataca. However, the Chinese Yuan is accepted in some places. ATMs unusually dispense Pataca and dollars. Master Card and Visa are widely accepted.