Maryland Now Has the Purple Line Linking Suburbs
Maryland Now Has the Purple Line Linking Suburbs

Public transport has always been an issue of contention and many municipalities and local governments have a huge problem trying to accommodate everyone in their area of jurisdiction. The good news is that it is always feasible despite the various hurdles they face during the planning, design, and construction process. Such projects not only need huge investments but partnerships between the public and private sector. After struggling with improving public transport, Maryland got into a public-private partnership to help finance the building and operations of its first light-rail Purple Line.

Suburb To Suburb Transportation

Construction on the Purple Line began in late 2016; it will be one of the US’s first circumferential rail lines purposely for transporting people from one suburb to the other. There is a $5.6 million investment raised through a public and private partnership and it is one of the largest partnerships in the history of US transport sector. The Purple Line will have 21 stations and it is projected that it will become operational in 2022. However, they will have a test phase where trains will run on two miles of test track built between Prince George and Glenridge stations.

The Purple Line Transit Partners is a consortium led by Flour Enterprises and they are charged with designing and building the line. After completion, Flour Enterprises will operate and maintain the Purple Line for 36 years. The planning process has taken more than a decade of planning and design, and it has been met by resistance particular from members of the upscale community n Chevy Chase.

The wrangling continued even after construction of the Purple Line began in 2016, but the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit gave a ruling that the construction of the Purple Line will continue unabated. When complete, the state of Maryland expects the Purple Line to make at least 59,000 trips every day and by 2040, more than 70,000 trips.